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RAC is made up of an international network of coaches and consultants. Over the years, we have interviewed a number of them to learn what value they saw in partnering with us to start or grow their businesses. And over the years, many of them have expressed their gratitude and appreciation of having RAC as their partner.
At RAC, our network isn't just a list of names, they are held amoung our family and friends and we are overjoyed to have built the personal relationships we have with each person over the years.

It’s Thursday, almost a week after I completed my RAC training, and my head is still spinning. There was soooo much great information shared. Friends have already commented that it appears that I’ve had some sort of “career breakthrough.” When my wife Victoria asked me about the most valuable thing I learned, I answered, “The RAC Team is AMAZING. They adapted content on the fly to meet the needs of me and my classmate. They knew what we needed to learn and offered it to us. Sometimes I was smart enough to listen and learn it, but I know they have so much more to teach me.” I really wish I had stopped at the RAC HQ wayyy back in 2001. The lessons I learned last week would have been enormously helpful to my career. Maybe the business I sold would have been 10 times as big or maybe I wouldn’t have sold it. I do know, however, that I would have had much better luck during the merger and acquisition period if I’d already been through Fast Start. I’m just thrilled I’ve learned the Fast Start lessons now. Thank you again to you and the team for a great week.

I took a big leap of faith joining RAC. I've had an independent consulting practice for the past 10 years and consulted within businesses during the prior 12 years. I love consulting and have developed a strong skill set. My biggest challenge by far with my own independent consulting practice was the assisted buying (marketing) phase. I had a negative attitude about this phase and spent a lot of time attempting to avoid it. It felt like begging to me. After going through RAC's Fast Learning, I came to realize that the assisted buying phase is a clear and focused process that is done with integrity. Furthermore, I discovered that I had a base of skills, which were easy to build upon with practice. What a relief is was to discover that I cannot only do it well, but that it is actually a fun process. I am now enthusiastically embracing the assisted buying process in a way that flows easily and effectively.

When one becomes a RAC affiliate, there are a number of resources made available to you. For me the one that has been the most significant is my relationship with my support analyst, Wendy Howland. The value of this relationship is literally beyond measure. When I started my journey I had no idea what I didn't know. To complicate the situation I experienced personal issues that consumed me emotionally as well as financially. Wendy has been there with me the entire time. She is my coach, my adviser and my friend. If it weren't for the support I get from her I would have given up a long time ago. Wendy encourages me to create plans and reviews them with me to make sure they are realistic. She then helps me focus and holds me accountable for the commitments I make. As a result, I am growing and expanding my business according to plan. The opportunities that present themselves appear to be endless. I look forward to continuing my journey from a personal as well as business perspective. I look forward to my support analyst being part of that journey.

When we considered starting our business, we had an idea of the model we wanted to establish, and knew we had no desire to develop our own materials. From our mutual evaluation, it was clear that the RAC materials were exceptional. They have incorporated the best of adult learning, and continue to update and modify the content. Our customers tell us that they go back to them routinely for refreshers. With options of using one of the set “programs” or designing our own by combining chapters allows truly customized programs to meet our client’s needs. The in-depth facilitation guides with session timing, suggested discussion points, and interactive activities allow even a “beginner” to deliver a quality service and bring great value to their clients. While RAC is much more than its materials, they are a high quality starting point.

The reason to start my own business was driven in part due to family separation, traveling, and dissatisfaction with the corporate environment. I came to this decision after my wife became ill with a heart condition that put her in the hospital two times. I knew then that my personal life and professional life were out of balance. This was the catalyst to take the risk and make the decision.The mutual evaluation was invaluable for “our” decision making process. It served to manage the risk of going into this business alone, which was weighing heavy on my mind. The idea of having a support team behind me was a godsend because of my strong belief in teamwork, plus being exposed to the availability of a professional network was an added bonus I wasn’t expecting.This business is allowing me to live my life’s purpose. The presentation given during a Quarterly meeting has helped me define this. The presenter spoke about Ikigai, life’s purpose, which caused some introspection on my part and how I needed to address my business and ROI. My purpose is to have a Balanced Enterprise. My business allows me to give to others freely without any expectations. I am able to help people succeed. I am now able to keep my family together and am healthy both physically and spiritually. I am able to generate sufficient revenue to realize an honest profit, driven by goals and the desired quality of life requirements. I am realizing my dream of succeeding in leading my own company.The initial training (Fast Start) was a dress rehearsal, but it required a personal attitude adjustment. I decided before attending that my primary role was to listen and learn. This required leaving my experiences outside the building and opening my mind to new ideas, for example, the buying process. I found the RAC process too simple at first. It just didn’t measure up to my previous learning and experiences with government contracting best practices. Yet its application to small businesses works like a charm. This training allowed me to think critically and it provided me with a practical tool kit to prop me up for the success that was yet to come. Learning and getting certified on how to conduct assessments has made all the difference in my business generation model. The support team acts as an extension of my staff! And they do it professionally and humbly. I sincerely appreciate it, much more than I can express. Not only did they help me solidify my first client, the team continues to help me solidify every client – even when I unexpectedly call in, I get the guidance I need to steer in the right direction. I’ve had times when I literally pulled off to the side of the road and received expert advice on plausible courses of actions … this works!

After spending 20+ years in Corporate America selling, managing, and training in the multi-media industry, we were faced with making a tough decision of relocating or accepting an entry-level position within the organization. After weighing the pros and cons, we made the decision to start a new path and pursue a new opportunity. After accepting other positions with new companies, we quickly found out that we did not have the passion and commitment required to excel at these sales and training management positions. We realized that the skills and abilities we possessed were very valuable, and we wanted to make sure we maximized our potential. We had always enjoyed helping, teaching, and coaching individuals in our past and felt moving in this direction would be the best fit for us. RAC was one of many different companies we researched. The Mutual Evaluation helped us find out more about the role RAC would play in assisting us in creating and developing our own business. It also helped confirm that we were well qualified to start our own coaching business. We didn't know what to truly expect from attending, but we left with more than enough opportunities, thoughts, and dreams of what could be. We came to the conclusion, that if we were able to replace our previous six digit corporate incomes, to manage our time and schedules to create a better work/life balance for ourselves within the first two to three years, that we would get a solid return for our investment. Fast Start (the initial training) was a very unique experience for us. We felt we were ready prior to attending based off of our previous experience and the preparation exercises given to us in advance. However, the pace was much faster than expected. The information, knowledge, and expertise were phenomenal from the RAC leaders. They were timely, friendly, well organized, and experienced with their process; yet firm and decisive with their actions and words. When we finished, we questioned whether we understood enough of the information to move forward with meeting clients and starting our business. Our trainers assured us that we would be fine, if we just used the process and got out of our own way! Well, we must admit they were right, now that we are out of our own way. We were pleasantly surprised with the assistance, cooperation, and teamwork from the entire Support Team. They were able to work behind the scenes when needed or to ask and provide those hard questions and answers that need to be given during those first few months. We were able to solidify our first client within the first few weeks by partnering with our support team and allowing them to direct us, to decipher assessments, to position our questions with our client, and how to look for the correct buying signals. It was an awesome experience and wonderful feeling knowing we have made the right career choice!

One of my favorite books is Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. I want to express my gratitude for the "revolutionary approach to customer service" received from RAC regarding my website.

Mitch DuGuay far exceeded my expectations. I asked him to create a site similar to one of our current affiliate's. If he had done that I would have been thrilled. He went above and beyond. Mitch developed a creative logo highlighting my web address and incorporating colors from my former site. He added graphics that were appropriate for the layout. He walked me through each step of the process with no surprises. The final product is one that I want to show the world.

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