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What Our Consultants Have to Say About Us

  • It’s Thursday, almost a week after I completed my RAC training, and my head is still spinning. There was soooo much great information shared. Friends have already commented that it appears that I’ve had some sort of “career breakthrough.” When my wife Victoria asked me about the most valuable thing I learned, I answered, “The RAC Team is AMAZING. They adapted content on the fly to meet the needs of me and my classmate. They knew what we needed to learn and offered it to us. Sometimes I was smart enough to listen and learn it, but I know they have so much more to teach me.” I really wish I had stopped at the RAC HQ wayyy back in 2001. The lessons I learned last week would have been enormously helpful to my career. Maybe the business I sold would have been 10 times as big or maybe I wouldn’t have sold it. I do know, however, that I would have had much better luck during the merger and acquisition period if I’d already been through Fast Start. I’m just thrilled I’ve learned the Fast Start lessons now. Thank you again to you and the team for a great week.
    Scot C.
  • When one becomes a RAC affiliate, there are a number of resources made available to you. For me the one that has been the most significant is my relationship with my support analyst, Wendy Howland. The value of this relationship is literally beyond measure. When I started my journey I had no idea what I didn't know. To complicate the situation I experienced personal issues that consumed me emotionally as well as financially. Wendy has been there with me the entire time. She is my coach, my adviser and my friend. If it weren't for the support I get from her I would have given up a long time ago. Wendy encourages me to create plans and reviews them with me to make sure they are realistic. She then helps me focus and holds me accountable for the commitments I make. As a result, I am growing and expanding my business according to plan. The opportunities that present themselves appear to be endless. I look forward to continuing my journey from a personal as well as business perspective. I look forward to my support analyst being part of that journey.
    Nancy T.
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