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Tammy A.S. Kohl


There are trends indicating companies are refocusing on plans to increase their competitive advantage and add value, allowing companies to achieve expansion and growth instead of focusing on cost cutting. However, nothing is possible if no extra efforts are placed in the right vision, mission, strategy and culture and growth coaching for internal leadership and management teams. These components act as the strategic compass for the organizations’ successful future.

In today’s ever changing business environment organizations are faced with new challenges as well as opportunities. In a recent survey conducted by Forbes, only 19% of the respondents described their business strategies as constantly evolving. If your organization’s business strategies were constantly growing, evolving, and transforming how would that impact your organization financially? How would that impact your customer base? How would that impact your ability to manage, grow, and innovate?

We equip companies, through their leadership and management teams, with the tools and insights to achieve growth and expansion as they define it. Every organization is unique so every approach is tailored to meet the specific needs, goals and objectives of the organization.

About Tammy

Tammy A. S. Kohl, President of Resource Associates Corporation, has been with the corporation since 1986. During that time she has held a series of increasingly responsible positions until her appointment, in January 2002, to the position of President.

In her previous role of Executive Vice President, she was responsible for managing the production, customer sales/service, and affiliate support areas of the company. This knowledge and understanding of running operations gives her an in-depth and well-rounded working knowledge of how to run a successful business. In addition to her business acumen, management, and people skills, she is proficient in creating strategic directions and accomplishing them. This experience and understanding of running a successful business gives her the ability to help a new business owner create a solid foundation through strategy, to develop a specific action plan through people and process improvement in order to produce measurable results in an economic business environment that is always changing. This knowledge and experience is invaluable in establishing the future course of Resource Associates on a national and international level.

Personally, she is an accomplished speaker on a variety of business topics. She is certified facilitator for Total Quality Institute, an approved instructor for Achievement Seminars International and a Certified Business Coach.

Specialties: Executive and professional level coaching, building customer relationships and creating customer loyalty, team development, generating measurable outcomes and results.

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